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Trademark Licensing

The PackPups™ youth marks were created in 2011 so that the Wolfpack community would have access to a less fierce and intimidating wolf image that could be altered or posed.  Unlike registered trademarks which demand that no alterations or additions be added to them, these characters can jump, pose, and engage in activities. These lively animations may be featured on youth apparel and accessories and would be especially popular at youth camps, birthday parties, or even in customized coloring books.


coloring book

The identity of the PackPups™ is left to the imagination of the beholder. NC State does not assert whether these are the pups of Mr. and Ms. Wuf, or whether they are Mr. and Ms. Wuf as young pups. We hope that future Wolfpack fans will be able to imagine their own unique Wolfpack stories based on these characters.

  • The original images were created by three NC State College of Design students for the university. All representations are copyrighted.  Any derivative work created from the characters are also under copyright, regardless whether or not it contains NC State’s registered trademarks or indicia.
  • These PackPups™ should not be combined with images or representations of Mr. Wuf and Ms. Wuf mascots so that they don’t appear as children.
  • NC State’s Wolf Xpress Print and Copy Services has been given exclusive rights to print custom coloring books for NC State Bookstores, campus departments, and organizations which feature the PackPups™.  If you have a youth- or family oriented program or event, the PackPups can be incorporated into your materials and promotions. To inquire about ordering  custom coloring books or pages or other printed material  please contact Teri Hellmann at (919) 515-2131 or by email.
  • Commercial licensees may use the PackPups on their NC State branded product at the standard royalty rate. No other “youth” wolves should be created so that a consistent youth mascot can be maintained.
  • Image files (and more) are available in vector format and are available upon request to