NC State
Trademark Licensing

Officially recognized club sports teams may purchase jerseys, uniforms, equipment and merchandise with the team’s name and university marks with the prior approval from the Assistant Director of Competitive Sports and the trademark licensing office. Clubs should first submit and/or discuss their design with the Assistant Director prior to submitting the Trademark Use Request Form to the trademark office for approval.

As NC State University fields NCAA sanctioned sports teams, each Club Sport must include “Club” on their designs for Jerseys, uniforms, equipment and merchandise, even if NC State doesn’t field a team in a particular NCAA recognized sport; i.e. Fencing, Lacrosse. This helps prevent confusion with the public as to whether the team is sanctioned by Athletics or is an independent team organized under University Recreation.

If your team uses specific or unique products not available from the list of approved vendors,  please contact with a request to use a non-licensed vendor and we will work out arrangements for the use of the trademarks on the items. Examples of unique products  are: life preservers for the Sailing Club, fencing gear, equestrian equipment, etc.