NC State
Trademark Licensing

Officially recognized club sports teams may use the team’s name and NC State logos or trademarks on uniforms, equipment and promotional materials with prior approval from Club Sports and Trademark Licensing. Restrictions apply.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select an approved licensed vendor for your product.
    Only licensed vendors may reproduce University marks, names and logos. Contact your Club Sports staff liaison if you are unable to find the product you need through our approved vendors.
  2. Design artwork.
    • Each club sport must include “Club” prominently in their naming designations for all materials (website, social media, print, apparel, gear) unless approved by the Club Sports staff liaison. The club name and art should be more dominant than any NC State trademarks used. If you have any questions, please contact your Club Sports staff liaison.
    • Your design and use of NC State trademarks must be consistent with University standards. See the Club Sports Trademark Use Guide for more information.
  3. Request approval.
    Complete the online Club Sports Trademark Use Request Form, and upload your proposed artwork. Your Club Sports staff liaison will communicate with the club once designs are approved by Club Sports and Trademark Licensing, or your liaison will address any aspects that require revisions.
  4. Place your order.
    Once the design is approved by Club Sports and Trademark Licensing, the club can use the design on products or promotional materials.

What about royalties?

The licensed vendor must pay royalties on all apparel, merchandise, or products that bear the University’s logos or trademarks, even if the items will be used as fundraisers for charity.

It’s a good thing! Revenues generated by trademarks and licenses help fund student scholarships, including athletic merit, financial aid, study abroad programs, and scholarships for faculty and staff’s dependents.

Want to reference the University in a tournament name or on your website?

To avoid confusion with NC State Athletics and NCAA sports, Club Sports may not use “Wolfpack®” in their Club Sport name, tournament name, as website urls, nor in social media group names.

Appropriate names include examples such as “Climbing Club at NC State” or “Club Kickball” or a made-up name, such as “RockPack Club,” “PackPaintball Club,” or “Wolves on Waves Water Ski Club.”

Tournament or event names should also avoid the trademark “Wolfpack®.” Be creative, and use other local references that aren’t trademarked instead, such as “The Red & White Challenge,” “Battle of the Brickyard,” “Triangle Tournament,” or “Club Kickball Challenge at NC State,” etc.


  • Always use a licensed vendor that is authorized to produce and sell products with NC State’s name. It benefits students–and it’s University policy.
  • Use “Club” to make it clear that your group is separate from the University, NC State Athletics, and the NCAA.
  • Avoid using logos, trademarks or other intellectual property from outside companies without their permission.

More questions? Contact your Club Sports staff liaison for further details.