NC State
Trademark Licensing
  • “NC State” should always be written on one line and without periods after the “N” and “C”.
  • Do not stack “NC” on top of “State” or “North Carolina” on top of “State University”.
  • “NCSU” should only be used in circumstances that have space restrictions. “NC State” should be used wherever possible. “NCST” is not a permissible abbreviation for “North Carolina State University”.
  • To eliminate the confusion between “NC State” and the “state of North Carolina”,  do not use “North Carolina State” without “University”.  “NC State” above “University” and “North Carolina State” above “University” are permissible. When writing North Carolina State University, all four words must be in the same font.
  • When used in reference to the  “NC State Wolfpack”, the word “Wolfpack” is always one word. NC State has federal registration for the combined word “Wolfpack”. The law distinguishes it from other teams which call themselves “Wolf Pack.” Do not add anything between “wolf” and “pack” such as a paw print or wolf head.
  • The Board of Trustees addresses the use of university trademarks and wordmarks on the Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR) website.

Other Wordmarks and Legal Jargon

The registered trademark symbol is used to provide notice that the preceding mark has been registered with the national trademark office.

The trademark symbol indicates an assertion that a word, image, or other sign is a trademark; it does not indicate registration.


  • Go Pack! ™
  • Pack ™
  • Mr. Wuf ™
  • Ms. Wuf ™
  • PackPups ™
  • Wolf Village ™


  • Centennial Campus ®
  • Carter-Finley Stadium ™
  • Reynolds Coliseum ™
  • Lonnie Poole Golf Course ®
  • Howling Cow ® Ice Cream, Milk, & Dairy Products.