NC State
Trademark Licensing

Governing Policies

NC State’s Board of Trustees has established the licensing program to protect the university’s marks, control the quality of products with the marks, and to prohibit the unauthorized use of university marks on commercial products and non-commercial products.

Filming on Campus

Being a licensee does not convey permission to film or photograph on the university’s campus or to use the campus buildings as backdrops in advertising, promotions or packaging. All commercial photography, film-making or videotaping on the campus of North Carolina State University must be approved by University Communications. Please contact Donna Barnes ( for a permit to film.

Social Media

This regulation and its supporting guidelines establish the procedures for creating and managing a university presence or participating in social media in an official capacity on behalf of NC State.

Code of Conduct

In January 1999, NC State University adopted a Code of Conduct designed to ensure that products bearing the marks of the university are produced under healthy, safe and fair working conditions. As a means of implementing the code and of ensuring, to the highest degree possible, compliance with the workplace standards that are part of that code, the university has affiliated with the Fair Labor Association (FLA).