NC State
Trademark Licensing

NC State’s names, trademarks, logos, and mascots are all important to the branding of the university. There are restrictions on the use of the trademarks by students and student groups.

  • Only student groups recognized and in good standing by the Student Involvement office are allowed to use the trademarks. Individuals are not allowed to use the trademarks to create products or use for personal use. Note: The university’s names are trademarked.
  • Student groups need permission to use the trademarks, and the design that uses the trademarks must have prior approval. Use the Trademark Use Request form. Please provide adequate time for approvals, revisions if necessary, and resubmitting for approval (around 2-3 business days).
  • For product or promotional purchases, you must use an authorized licensed vendor. Licensed vendors have agreed to abide by fair labor code-of-conduct, have indemnified the university, and are familiar with the trademarks and school colors. A list is available under the Approved Vendor tab, or on the drop down menu on the Trademark Use Request form.
  • Do not alter the trademarks or incorporate the trademarks into another logo. Do not add items to Tuffy’s hands, or use the Block S as a component of your organization’s logo.
  • There are many wolves in a wolf pack, but the only wolf in our Wolfpack® that can wear the Block S and the NC State on his cap is Tuffy. Tuffy’s design elements make him unique and that is one reason he has been granted federal trademark registration status.
  • The student organization’s name must be on the product. The permission to use NC State trademarks on the product is predicated on the concept that you’re promoting your organization at NC State (not that you’re creating a design to compete with commercial product at retail). Do not use acronyms if the design isn’t clear (“RWPFNC” may mean something to your student group, but not to external audiences).
  • Do not make it appear that your group is a department or entity of NC State or that you represent the college or university. Using “Club”, “Student Chapter”, or “at NC State” are good ways to make that distinction. Student groups cannot be the retailing arm of a college or department.

Prohibited Uses:

  • Implying NC State University’s endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, product, activity or service.
  • References to alcohol, illegal substances, sexually explicit graphics, weapons or profanity.
  • Uses that may violate the law or the University’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy, POL 04.25.05.
  • The unauthorized use of other’s trademarks or copyrights in conjunction with the university’s trademarks or word-marks.