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Trademark Licensing

report unauthorized use!NC State University has a long history in supporting the people and businesses in North Carolina with education, leadership, innovation and service. Since its founding in 1887 the university has developed a connection to alumni, fans, supporters, and the people of North Carolina through its trademarks, mascots, images, special phrases and song lyrics that have come to symbolize the passion that is NC State.

The university is proud of these symbols and its brand and works hard to protect and use them in a manner that is representative of its goals and mission. The use of NC State University trademarks by third parties requires written approval by the university. Trademarks are protected under the Federal Lanham Trademark Act of 1946, the Federal Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984, the Anti-counterfeiting Consumer Protection Act of 1996, the Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995, and North Carolina General Statutes § 80-11.

So that we can both protect the trademarks and support the university’s mission, the “NC State Craft License” was created that will allow individuals to turn a hobby, craft, or fledgling concept into a legitimate business.

The basic parameters of the Crafters License are:

  • Must be a North Carolina resident to enter into the agreement
  • Product must be unique, handmade, and have inherent quality in design and construction and be in an under-represented category
  • Silk-screened tee shirts and bag-toss games (cornhole games)  are not candidates for a Crafter’s License
  • Licenses are granted by evaluation of the product and how the products fit within the university’s trademark licensing program
  • NC State is not required to grant a license to any applicant
  • A finite number of Crafter’s Licenses are issued each year and are renewable each year under the license agreement’s provisions up to a maximum of three years.  You may be put on a waiting list.  It is an expectation that sales should be at a point in three years (or sooner), to enter into a Standard License Agreement through our licensing agency

Once a license agreement is completed an official licensee will be issued:

  • A license number that must appear on tags, website descriptions, brochures or marketing materials
  • Official NC State Crafters License hologram labels to be put on products
  • An official Crafters Licensee certificate to display with products at craft fairs, festivals, and other events

Currently the cost of the annual license is $80 which covers sales up to $1,500.00 per year. Any sales over $1,500.00 will require a royalty payment of 10% on the sales volume above $1,500.00.

If you are interested in becoming a Craft Licensee or you know someone who should, please send email a request with “Crafter’s License” in the subject line to

Or you can write to:

Director of Trademark Licensing
Campus Box 7508
3210 Faucette Drive
Raleigh, NC 27695-7508