NC State
Trademark Licensing

Trademarks — like Tuffy (the strutting wolf) and the Block S — are valuable assets to NC State. Up to $1 million of proceeds from the sale of trademarked products is contributed annually to five scholarship funds, and we cannot do that without the companies who supply fans with approved products.

When you purchase official NC State trademarked products, you support athletic scholarships, need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, study abroad, and tuition scholarships through trademark royalty revenue.

Scholarships Supported by Trademark Royalties:








It’s important to:

  • Purchase from reputable retailers;
  • Look for indications that the product is from a licensed vendor, such as a hologram label or branding/messaging that reflects the university’s high standards.

Unofficial, bootlegged and pirated products hurt our brand and our students. Purchasing these products can:

  • Violate trademark rights;
  • Take sales away from legitimate, licensed vendors who support the university;
  • Jeopardize a student athlete’s standing with the NCAA when their name or likeness is used without permission or clearance from NCAA Compliance office;
  • Encourage or reward unfair labor or other criminal practices.*
    *According to US Customs, many counterfeit or infringing product sales fund groups associated with terrorism. By their very nature, counterfeit products are funding illegal/criminal organizations.

Show your pride in NC State and the Wolfpack by buying legitimate licensed products.

See suspicious products? Let us know here.