NC State
Trademark Licensing

The Brick Logo

“The Brick” logo is to be used in all branding materials or communications from or about the university. Guidelines for how to use this version have been established to maintain consistency and are detailed on this site. Please refer to the university brand website for a full explanation of this policy.

the brick

University Hallmark Red

The University Hallmark

Use of the University Hallmark is permitted when used to promote the university on commercial retail items that have an academic or institutional focus, as well as for college-level and department-level certificates, awards and gifts of appreciation.

The University Hallmark should not be used as an icon or as part of another logo or lockup.


The Chancellor’s Seal

The Chancellor’s seal is used for formal or official university documents and special events. Use of this seal is restricted to the Chancellor’s Office and graduation materials, diplomas, and university level awards only. It is not to be used on college or departmental level certificates or documents.